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Litigation Services

Fully aware that many cases call for technical expertise and analytical skills beyond that offered by conventional CPA firms, we offer a full range of services throughout all phases of litigation. Laffer & Gottlieb has gained recognition in the litigation field and is noted for its exceptional attention to detail.

Laffer & Gottlieb offers assistance to counsel in all aspects of litigation. We work with attorneys and clients in the preliminary stages of litigation to evaluate the case and examine the accounting and financial aspects of the case’s key issues. We assist in preliminary damage assessments and are often instrumental in developing settlement positions. We work with counsel to develop litigation strategies, provide discovery assistance, act as litigation consultants and provide expert witness testimony.

Fraud Investigation

Laffer & Gottlieb’s professionals are certified fraud examiners, designated by the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, recognizing special expertise. The principals have had prior experience with Big Four accounting firms in accounting, auditing, and tax. Laffer & Gottlieb has been retained in a wide variety of situations where fraud, embezzlement or other illegal acts have occurred. We have been engaged in matters which range from simple embezzlements by a "trusted" employee to multi-million dollar sophisticated schemes. Engagements have been local as well as international in scope, and have included individuals, small businesses and multi-national public companies. We have acted as both consulting and testifying experts in cases involving all parties, including litigation between victim and accused, and between victim and third parties, such as insurance companies, banks and accounting firms.

Our expertise in federal and state criminal litigation provides us with knowledge which spans the initial investigation, issuance of reports and findings, the criminal prosecution phase and sentencing, when applicable. We have been retained by counsel subsequent to trial and/or settlement to assist with the financial aspects for sentencing. Tax Controversy and Money Laundering

Laffer & Gottlieb has earned a reputation for excellence and integrity in the civil and criminal legal tax community. The firm offers expertise in tax controversy and tax disputes with the federal, state, and local taxing authorities, in most criminal and civil matters. We have been retained by premier tax litigation firms to assist in the representation of their clients, and have been retained by the government to assist in prosecution of cases. Significant prior work experience with the IRS criminal investigation division affords us the insight to best present your information and identify and handle issues necessary for successful resolution. We also are able to assist you in negotiating an installment arrangement or an offer in compromise in the event you owe taxes.

Tax Services

We offer a full range of traditional tax services including tax planning and tax return preparation for individuals, corporations, partnerships, limited liability companies, limited liability partnerships and trusts. We also provide analysis of proposed transactions, identifying potential problems and recommend alternative solutions to achieve the desired tax result.

Alternate Dispute Resolution - Arbitration and Mediation

We offer considerable experience serving as arbitrators and mediators to resolve conflicts in most types of business matters. Mr. Laffer has been appointed and currently serves as a Los Angeles Superior Court “Special Forensic Mediator.” Litigants are ordered to appear for mandatory mediation in family law and business dispute cases. The frequency of settlements resulting from these assignments has afforded recognition in this field. Receiverships

Our firm’s principals have served as court appointed receivers and special masters in a wide range of business matters.

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